Kebutuhan Rantai Pendingin Terus Meningkat Seiring Makin Tingginya Peminat, Portable Cold Storage PT BGR Logistik jadi Solusinya.

PT BGR Logistik Indonesia as a subsidiary of PT Perusahaan Trading Indonesia is committed to continuing to present the best logistics solutions in Indonesia with the support of a qualified information system. Syailendra, Commercial and Operations Director of PT BGR Logistik Indonesia, said that currently PT BGR Logistik Indonesia received the mandate to become a logistics aggregator from the Food Cluster BUMN Holding or ID Food Group.

Last Monday (27/6) Portable Cold Storage at the Warehousing Complex managed by us at the BGR Logostik Indonesia warehousing complex, DKI Jakarta Branch, Kelapa Gading has been installed by PT DS Solution International. It was marked by the soft opening event organized by PT DS Solution International.

This portable cold storage facility is located in a warehouse complex that we manage in Kelapa Gading with an area of ​​about 5,000 M with 16 Portable Cold Storage Units which are divided into 3 large chambers, each of which is equipped with an anteroom.

This Mobile Cold Storage facility is equipped with various international certifications and can be used for various purposes such as the fishing industry, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and others.